Together we make more impact

More and more charities are losing loyal donors. The door-to-door collection is dying out and charities are looking to reach the younger generation, who want more flexibility in their own unique donation needs. That generation is not yet well reached, even though its commitment to a better world is greater than their parents' generation.

To build that bridge, we developed GiftShift, which enables the younger generation to donate in a way that suits them. Free, social and flexible and allowing them to share their impact with those around them.

Our mission is to make donating a habit, increase total donations and contribute together to a better world.

The people behind GiftShift

John Van Pijkeren

John is the CEO and creator of GiftShift. The idea for GiftShift came from personal experience. John knows up close that charities do very good and important work, which is why he enjoys contributing to a better world by donating to various charities. At the same time, he lost track and saw opportunities to improve the experience for the donor. "I am very pleased that charities share this vision and proud that our shared vision has led to a close collaboration with a consortium of charities in which we are developing GiftShift in co-creation."
We have a lot of ambition and big goals, which is why we are always looking for collaborations with charities and companies. Because together we make more impact!

John enjoys applying the valuable experience he gained at Nike and NS to GiftShift. He knows how to get a message across and his enthusiasm is contagious. He is described by his associates as the engine of GiftShift.

Jordy Dekker

Jordy is our CTO. With a wealth of experience in strategy consulting and devising and realizing scalable web applications, he is the right person for this role. The applications of his hand are used worldwide by customers and users. Jordy is most proud of the product BlueDolphin, which he conceived and was responsible for during his time at ValueBlue. "It was a fantastic experience to see my idea become a platform that adds value for so many customers worldwide."

Jordy is concerned with the structure and development of the internal organization and achieving a robust and scalable platform ready to serve charities around the world. He was the last of the five to come on board and shares the enthusiasm to do more for a better world.

Jelle Heijman

As a UX Designer and founder of GiftShift, Jelle is driven by the power of usability and human interaction. His motivation comes from the desire not only to design beautiful products, but also to have a positive impact on society. "The idea is to provide an intuitive and user-friendly platform where people can easily and securely donate to charities that are important to them. This platform goes beyond just raising money; it is a space where people come together, share stories and feel involved in the world."

Jelle's passion for UX design and his desire to make a difference led to the creation of this platform. It is not just a product, but a means to make the world a little better, step by step, donation by donation.

Richard Ritsema

Richard operates at the intersection of data, technology and business, generating insight from data for charities, commercial parties and donors. He is also involved in establishing collaborations and enjoys translating information needs into an appropriate digital product. The combination of social and technical aspects give him tremendous energy.

Richard is happy to use the experience he gained at Sweco and Dura Vermeer to make GiftShift a success. "It is wonderful to use my knowledge and skills to make the world a better place."

Thierry de Groot

Collaborate with charities and commercial partners while focusing on the needs of donors. That's the challenge that makes working on the GiftShift platform so much fun. Thierry does not shy away from this challenge. "It is nice every day to get or keep the noses of all parties involved in the same direction."

The unbridled commitment to charities to make the world a little better every time is the biggest motivation for Thierry to get to work full of energy every day. He deals with the financial side of the social enterprise and is responsible for legal matters. In addition to his work at GiftShift, he advises and participates in construction and development companies, healthcare facilities and e-commerce. The variety of activities keeps it interesting for him.